Monday, May 3, 2010

Things are looking up, I have actually finished a project on the day I said I would, and have finally taken my cutting table out of the dining room! It has been up and I have been cutting out stuff since early February.
Now to just be able to keep this going, and finish the rest of my projects by the deadline I have set for them...
I had to run an errand, and when I came back, I could not believe how big my dining room looked with that 30 x 60 inch table gone. Now I just have to put away the boxes of fabric, and finish sewing the projects I have cut out.
Then next on my list will be straightening the sewing/craft room.
Of course it will only get messy again as soon as I start another project, but I should be able to locate a few things that have gone missing since before Christmas.
I have bought so many seam ripper because I keep losing them. After the clean I should have over a dozen or so, maybe closer to 2 dozen, not to mention other tools that are probably buried in the piles.

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