Friday, May 28, 2010

It is again Spring, the warm breezes are floating through the house, the sun is beating in the windows highlighting all the dust! Time to get rid of the clutter before someone drops in.
Where does all this stuff come from....It seems like it was just Christmas and the house was all company clean...
What I really need to do is take a week off from everything else and just start from one end of the house and put everything back in it's place and pitch all the stuff that is no longer needed or was never needed in the first place. And just work my way to the other end of the house. I am thinking big rummage sale for all the still usable stuff that we are never going to use.
How does all this stuff accumulate? It is like it breeds while we sleep.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The weather the past few days has been hot, hot, hot! Hot I can take, it is windy I can eyes are all red, itchy and watery...All that pollen flying everywhere. Plus it was so humid out yesterday that no matter what I touched it stuck to me....What would be nice is if the humidity dropped, the wind became calm, and everything just dropped all it's pollen over night when I was sleeping and then it just disappeared before I got up...
But that is not a reality...So tomorrow the best idea would be to just stay in the house with the air purifiers on and just look outside at the day.
BUT no such luck....I have to go to the bank, and then get a hair cut, and do a bit more running around....
Well I suppose it could be worse, we could get a foot of snow! At least I do not have to shovel anything. The pollen will be better soon, at least I hope it will..
Need to go find something to put on my sore eyes...........................................

Monday, May 24, 2010

My latest project, adult bibs. So handy really. I messed one up and so it has become mine. It is not this pretty color, but a light green. I have found out that most everything comes out of a terry towel in the wash... so color is really not all that important. Though I probably would not want to have one in white.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My former sewing assistant. Tygger - a Maine Coon/Red Tabby mix

When he held down those stray pattern pieces they never got away. His paws were 1-1/2 inches across. He was 30 pounds of love all wrapped up in a Maine Coon cat. A Maine Coon cat, is really a dog masquerading as a cat. He came when you whistled, and loved to play fetch... He also loved to swim, and a wonderful day for him was when I filled the bathtub full of water and put towels down on the floor and let him splash....

We have to redo our bathroom floor as the tile is coming up, because of water adventures. But there is no way I would have not let him enjoy himself, he loved it so much, and he also loved to sit on the other chair in my sewing room and critique my work.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

After looking at Mother's Day cards in the stores, I decided I really did not like many of them. they either have an ok picture and a so so verse, or the whole thing is just not what I want to say. So this year I decided to make a fabric post card instead. I was going to make two, but you know how it is, I ran out of time. So in the end I did end up buying one too.

But this one, I decided should have a Spring theme, so it could fit more than just one day. I put little iron on crystals in the centers of the daisy's, though it does not show up all that well on the picture. Just seemed to make the card sparkle a bit more.

What I would like to do is find enough time to make my Christmas cards this year...not sure if that will happen or not.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day to Relax......................

Today when I got up, I decided I was not going to do any work, it was a nice day, and I was going to take a day off. Now if I had stayed home I would have found things that I could have been doing. Like I will take a day of relaxation, BUT, while I am relaxing I will throw a load of wash in the washer and it can wash while I am relaxing, and then I could soak a load of dishes while I am relaxing...And the first thing I know I am working and my day of relaxing is no more. So to end that problem I did not stay home. I did my relaxing outside in the warm sunny weather in a different where my "work" that I know I should be doing could not call out to me.
I had a wonderful day. I kept reminding myself that I was intentionally not doing any work today..It would all be there tomorrow waiting for me, it would not run away and I could get to it then.
After I got home and had supper and watched a bit of television, I sat and caught up reading the 2 weeks of newspapers that I have not had time to read.....again not doing any real work.
Now tomorrow, well technically it is already tomorrow as it is a few minutes past midnight, I will get up and do all the work, that was there this day does not make any difference at all........
Except that I had a day to do nothing but relax and enjoy the day......

Monday, May 3, 2010

Things are looking up, I have actually finished a project on the day I said I would, and have finally taken my cutting table out of the dining room! It has been up and I have been cutting out stuff since early February.
Now to just be able to keep this going, and finish the rest of my projects by the deadline I have set for them...
I had to run an errand, and when I came back, I could not believe how big my dining room looked with that 30 x 60 inch table gone. Now I just have to put away the boxes of fabric, and finish sewing the projects I have cut out.
Then next on my list will be straightening the sewing/craft room.
Of course it will only get messy again as soon as I start another project, but I should be able to locate a few things that have gone missing since before Christmas.
I have bought so many seam ripper because I keep losing them. After the clean I should have over a dozen or so, maybe closer to 2 dozen, not to mention other tools that are probably buried in the piles.