Thursday, November 18, 2010

I can not believe it is almost Thanksgiving already, where did the fall go? Pretty soon it will be Christmas.! Only about 5 weeks left. Now that is a scary thought.
I don't think I am ready quite yet....but I don't suppose that matters much, time will not wait for me to get ready.
Where did the year go, it seems like it was just spring and I was looking forward to all the things I would get done while it was nice and warm out, and here it is almost time to snow.
Found this little mini quilt while cleaning out my sewing room. It is about the size of a small place mat. The pinwheel squares are made with one inch strips of fabric. It was fun to make one of these...I don't think I will be making another one any too soon. I made this so long ago, I don't even remember when it was.
It is another one of those things, that will be finding a new home. I am cleaning and getting rid of all the things that either no longer fit in with my decor, or I am tired of looking at, or I will never use.
Sometimes all the things we keep get to be too suffocating and we have to downsize, or the things just take over our life.