Sunday, June 19, 2016

Finally a Laptop!

I have been without a computer for over a month now. I missed it for some things that I needed to do, but then again I got a lot done..
Being able to get on line everyday is really not all that important to me.. I like to check in with what my friends are doing, but I still like a phone call for that. I like hearing their voice.
This laptop is going to take a bit of getting used to as the one before it did when I first got it.
Some thing I used to be able to do, this one does not want to do, or else I have not figured out how it wants to do them.
In a few months we will be friends, and I will not miss the old one.. At least I hope I won't. It is history and technology has moved on, so I could not get another one of those if I wanted to. I had it almost 8 years.
Hopefully this one will last as long.