Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Garden

Every year, we do a garden, and I say I am going to find the time to weed it. Well who knows where the time goes, but it gets taken up by other things, and the garden ..... Well the weeds look nice, they should they are sucking up all the water, and all the fertilizer I planted along with the garden plants.
This year was different, I started planning well in advance. Got my supplies ready, and as soon as it was time to plant.. Set it all up.. Looks great, does not take a lot of water, and the best thing is if we get an early frost, I can just move the plants into the garage for the night, and then back out in the sunlight. Plus weeding is almost non-existent. I can finish weeding in 5 minutes. The plants seem to like their home.

A friend gave me a long low planter, and I added lettuce to that one. If I find another planter like that, I will plant more lettuce.
Hopefully my friend will use lots more cat litter before next spring so I will have more buckets for more plants.
I put black landscape paper under the buckets, so the cucumbers and squash will have a nice weed free surface to grow on. The water goes right through the paper, so no standing water either.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

TIME---Or The Lack Of It.....

Everyday, we get 24 hours, all days are the same length, none are shorter or longer, it is only how we look at them. If you are on time for the whole day, it seems like a lot is accomplished.

If on the hand you get behind, it seems as if nothing is accomplished.

That is not the “day’s” fault it is ours, we plan to much into one day and do not take the time to enjoy the time we have. So the solution to the problem is up to each individual person...What is important to you in each day? Is it how much work you can get done, or how much interacting you do with other people, or how much time you take for things you enjoy. You can never “re-do” a day. Once it is gone it is gone. All that remains is what you did with your 24 hours and how happy you are with what you did.