Thursday, April 5, 2018

So This is Spring?

Here it is after Easter and there is more still snow on the ground. Plus it is still cold out. I am wondering when is it ever going to get warm, enough of this winter like weather. Flowers are starting to peek though the ground, and now some of them are covered with snow.
The cat goes from room to room, looking for patches of sunlight to lay in. I guess he too is tired of the winter, and wants it to be warm everywhere, not just in the patches of sunlight on the carpet.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Waiting for Warm Sunshine

I thought it might have been warming up a bit, but no such luck. One day it is somewhat warm, but then it is also damp. So that just makes it feel colder than it is.
Have been sewing with a heater on.
This morning when I got up, it was like a blizzard out there, now it is almost bright out. But still cold!
I would love days when I do not have to scrape my windows to go somewhere, or wait for it to quit raining, just to have that rain freeze overnight and turn everything to a sheet of ice.
I know Spring is not far off, but then it will be "mud" season.
Not sure which is worse tracked in the house, mud or snow.
At least I am getting stuff crossed off my to do sewing list. Since I really do not want to go outside.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

While cleaning and going through stuff I happened upon a box marked baby quilts, I knew the box was there, but had not really paid attention to it in maybe the last 10 years. Just never had time. So when I was going through stuff decided to open the box and see what was really in it.
I found lots of block that are finished but not yet made into quilts. Not sure exactly how I will finish them but am thinking of sashing the blocks, and adding a boarder or two. I have more than enough of the Sunbonnet Sue ones for a baby quilt, but have no desire to make more to make another quilt. So will probably find a home for the extra block
Since I only need one more of the Overall Bill ones, I may make that extra block and get 2 quilts out of that.
I did find enough material for the heart blocks to make the center heart.
I also believe there is enough fabric in there for backing, if I decided to use that fabric. Plus there is a cheater panel. Not sure what I will do with that yet. Maybe just top stitch the blocks to make it look like they were quilted, Or maybe embroider something on them. Who knows with that one.
I was going to finish them now, but have since changed my mind and will now do them this summer in the screen house.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Almost 6 Months!

Where does the time go. It has almost been 6 months since I have been on this blog. It has been an eventful almost 6 months.
First all it did was rain, so could not get done a lot of the things I wanted to. Then the leaves refused to fall off the shrubs, and I never did get to pruning them, so they will look terrible this coming spring. Unless I look really weird to my neighbors and go out there in the snow and cold with the hedge trimmers and do it now.  I am thinking seriously about doing just that. First day it is over 30 degrees. Maybe I will take the hand trimmers, maybe with no noise no one will notice me.

Second problem was, it is never good to finish off a vacation by having your vehicle towed home on a flat bed wrecker, and having the boat towed behind the wrecker. Makes an interesting site for the neighbors.

Third problem, came from second problem...nothing to drive....Vehicle ended up being fixed, but because it has kind of been one thing after another with it, and it had almost 300 thousand miles on it, plus the fact that it would have cost $1000 to fix. We found a buyer for it, and they fixed it. Which still left me with nothing to drive. I did have the craft truck, but, it was loaded to the top, could not even go grocery shopping unless I put the groceries on my lap. So For 3 months I stayed home a lot, or got rides from friends.

Things have gotten a bit better, I have "little truck" now. It is a lot smaller than my nice big Silverado Z71 off road truck.
Hopefully 2018 will be better than 2017.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Garden

Every year, we do a garden, and I say I am going to find the time to weed it. Well who knows where the time goes, but it gets taken up by other things, and the garden ..... Well the weeds look nice, they should they are sucking up all the water, and all the fertilizer I planted along with the garden plants.
This year was different, I started planning well in advance. Got my supplies ready, and as soon as it was time to plant.. Set it all up.. Looks great, does not take a lot of water, and the best thing is if we get an early frost, I can just move the plants into the garage for the night, and then back out in the sunlight. Plus weeding is almost non-existent. I can finish weeding in 5 minutes. The plants seem to like their home.

A friend gave me a long low planter, and I added lettuce to that one. If I find another planter like that, I will plant more lettuce.
Hopefully my friend will use lots more cat litter before next spring so I will have more buckets for more plants.
I put black landscape paper under the buckets, so the cucumbers and squash will have a nice weed free surface to grow on. The water goes right through the paper, so no standing water either.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

TIME---Or The Lack Of It.....

Everyday, we get 24 hours, all days are the same length, none are shorter or longer, it is only how we look at them. If you are on time for the whole day, it seems like a lot is accomplished.

If on the hand you get behind, it seems as if nothing is accomplished.

That is not the “day’s” fault it is ours, we plan to much into one day and do not take the time to enjoy the time we have. So the solution to the problem is up to each individual person...What is important to you in each day? Is it how much work you can get done, or how much interacting you do with other people, or how much time you take for things you enjoy. You can never “re-do” a day. Once it is gone it is gone. All that remains is what you did with your 24 hours and how happy you are with what you did.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1

The  weather this year is different, hardly any winter snow or cold. Did manage to go hiking  everyday for almost a week.
 Now it is cold and snowy again, and I am missing my hikes.
I have got a couple books read, and a few more things off my list of stuff I never get time for.
Can't wait for daylight savings time to start, longer days are so nice.
I suppose it is time to put my snowman decorations away, till winter. But it just seems too early yet to get out the Easter decorations.
I don't decorate for St. Patrick's day, so the house will be rather bare till Easter is closer than it is now.
Just looked outside and it looks like a blizzard out there..Good thing is it is supposed to warm up again in a few days, so probably won't need to do any shoveling.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January projects

Well we have gotten almost to the end of January. I surprised myself and got a  lot more done this month than I thought I would. Finished my to do list for the month except for one items, and I still have today yet to start it.
It has been a funny year so far...warmer than most winters started out, not all that much snow as of yet. Had one day where it almost hit 45 degrees....everything melted. Now we have about an inch of snow on the ground.
Since it has been warmer than usual, I have gotten some sewing and embroidering done that I normally would not do until it got warmer. My machines do not like the cold and they are on outside walls, and we do not keep the heat above 62 during the winter.
Spent the last few days, organizing  all the 2016  pictures on my laptop into folders, and then saved them all elsewhere and deleted them all from the only clutters up the computer to have all them on there.
Did the same thing with the emails, got them down to a nice manageable number under 200.
Now to clean off all the temporary files and clean up other stuff I do not need on the computer.
Got my sewing room reasonably cleaned... well good enough that I can see the floor again and I have room to work on projects.  When I need more space, I will do more cleaning.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January Dreary Weather

Christmas was fun, and now everything is back the way it was before the decorations went up. It was so nice to have the house decorated, so festive. But now it is time to get back to work.
It would be so nice if the weather were better, though I guess I should not complain. At least we do not have to shovel rain!
But some sun would be nice, and it would also be nice if this rain did not freeze on the way down and make everything like a skating rink.
  All the snow that we did get is now all dirty looking not that pretty white snow of winter. Actually it looks more like late March out there than January. I know the cold and snow will be back and then it will time to shovel again.
But sun on new fallen snow is so pretty......
I guess since it is yucky out is would be a good time to do an early spring clean, so I can actually go outside and enjoy spring instead of cleaning then. Long as I am stuck in the house anyway.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting ready for Christmas

Almost a month again between posts...does not seem that long...but then I am busy, and time seems to fly.. so many things to get done before Christmas gets here...
Wish the sun would be shining outside, instead of this gloom, it would give me so much more energy.
The house is a disaster, fall stuff in piles to be put away, and Christmas stuff in other piles to be put up.
At least the outdoor decorations are all up.. Do not light them till around the 10th till New Year's Eve. Then if the weather is good they all come down and get put away. If the weather is bad...meaning we have had a bunch of snow, they stay up till the snow melts, unless I feel like digging them out and putting them away.
Monday will go to the tree farm and cut the tree for the livingroom. Today I will trim the little 3 foot artificial tree for the sun room.