Sunday, April 24, 2016

That time again

Main project now is to gather up all the stuff I want to sell at the summer markets and shows. Have a week to gather it all up and pack it in boxes, and then in a truck. Part of it will be cleaning out the garage, as there is stuff in there that was stored from last years markets and shows.
Need to make a list of what goes where and get it there. Noticed there are a couple things that I have to make more of, and I can do that with in the next week or so too.
Today is rest day, not going to do much work, maybe read a book, and take a stroll through the garage just to see how much work there is still to do in there.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How busy are you.....really???

I remember when my kids were little, I mean too young for school, never had a minute of time to myself, I remember saying, I will have more time when they are in school,  when they are grown up...etc. etc..etc.
 Well they are long grown, and I have no more time now than I did when they were babies, why is that? Our lives seem to be cluttered with things that we think just have to be done now.
We are so busy, we do not have time for just sitting and visiting with friends anymore, now it is texting a fast message...or a quick phone call if we can stop long enough to do even that.
Our ancestors had it better, they had no "modern" conveniences. Everything had to be done by hand..BUT, they did have time to get together with neighbors, etc. They needed to, as they needed help on occasion and everyone pitched in to we need no help, and if we do, we do not ask a friend or neighbor, we Google it!
 The only time we see to have for friends now in the fast paced, got to get it done now world, is to go to their funerals.
The computer, and the "I just have to finish this first" thing has separated us from actually being with friends or relatives.
How much stuff really has to be done today?? How much time is wasted in front of a TV, or on a computer?  We have disconnected with people, now we do not talk to them, we text, or email, or instant message.
And as soon as they do online funerals, we will not even go to their funerals....
The world is becoming a sad place, a place with out people contact, not the personal, in person kind of place anyway...
How many friends have you lost contact with since there is no time anymore? When will you actually see them in person their funeral maybe?
I have decided I need to be less busy, and more people friendly..
Got a bunch of letters to write...remember them? remember getting the mail in and finding a letter from a friend? Now the only thing that comes in the mail are bills and advertizing...
I also need to find time to call one friend a day, and actually catch up with them.