Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now that everyone has survived all the holiday's. It is never too early to think about Christmas 2010. 314 days left till Christmas!
Time slips by so fast, that in order to not run out of it, we all need a plan.
MY PLAN........
I got out my notebook today, and wrote all the names of everyone I need a present for. Next to their name..I leave lines for "ideas".
Also a line for their birthday present.
As soon as they mention something they would like to have, I enter it into the notebook, and when I find it on sale, unless I am making it. I buy it, or make it, and wrap it, and check it off in my notebook.
Hopefully by August 31. I have all my Christmas Presents ready for Christmas.
The reason I wrap everything right away, is because then I can let it sit around. I do not care if someone runs into their present while doing something in one of the rooms. At least they will know they are getting something!
Plus if something were to happen to me, everything is done.

My friends and kids always ask how I knew they wanted a certain item...I just tell them they told me....I don't tell them the trick is to listen to people when they talk.


  1. AAAHHAA! you stole my wee little brain! That is the same plan I used and I have a composation book going back several years to prove it.

    My only flaw is that I definitely don't get done by August 31. Maybe it goes to show that one 'great mind" and 'one wee brain" think alike sometimes. LOL

  2. That is the most awesome idea ever.. I do listen when people talk.. and leave it on my memory to remember it... making a note several times to myself to get it memorized.. but I tend to forget right where its needed...

    Some wise person once said.. if you write something you remember it, if you don't... poof!