Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The decorations from Christmas, well most of them anyway, are all put away. I leave the "snowman" things up till spring.
Did manage to find a bit of that free time that I keep losing, and watched some movies.
Now it is back to work.
Set up my serger in the livingroom, it is warmer in there than in the sewing/craft room. Bought myself a mini shopvac, which I have hooked up to the serger so that all that "fuzzy, etc" will not be flying around all over.
Am also making soup today. Had to do something with the left over ham bone, so made navy bean soup. Then while I was in the mood, made a large slow cooker of veggie soup.
Now with all that made, I will not have to cook for days.....and can just sew!

1 comment:

  1. Wish I could invite myself over to share your bean soup-yummy. I really like bean soup. Hubby loves beans and he loves soup - but he Hates bean soup! Men are sure hotwired so strange. Are you having corn bread to go with it or something different?

    Hope you have better luck than me - I killed my book marker last night. I cannot figure out how a human being can kill a book marker??? But I did!