Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A couple years ago I made a bunch of these for Christmas presents etc. they were a big hit. But they are really heavy, 8 pounds a piece, so decided not to make anymore.
Then a building supply went out of business, and they had all these 4 inch blocks at a really good price....and not being able to pass up a good sale. I bought them all.
So now I have something else to use up all that free time I can't seem to find to begin with.
If I would just stay out of the stores, I would have less stuff to do and more time for leisure.
Have often thought what would I do if I HAD a lot of free time......Well I would probably do something fun....which for me is, among other things creating something...... So I guess I will never have free time.


  1. O Linda, these are so cute! Just looking at them makes me feel good.

  2. Very cute, Linda! A suggestion for the next one - is to use translucent sticky back paper (Contac?) and this way the whole thing will seem as though it's frosted. And then you can send me one!!! I know, haha! xox - barb