Saturday, April 10, 2010

Today I managed to get a lot done actually....probably because I stayed off the computer all day.
Went to a quilt show in the morning...There were not as many vendors there as in the past, and no one was handing out "little gadgets" as they have other years. I guess the economy has put an end to that practice.
Spent the rest of the day going to rummage sales.....I have a list of stuff I need, and just look for those items. Did not find anything on my list today. The only thing I got was a book....can never pass up a book at a good price.
Tomorrow I plan to do absolutely nothing, except catch up on my reading, and maybe have an afternoon nap....
Have not had a day where I have done nothing in a long it is time to do just that....just a day to relax.


  1. Have a nice peaceful Sunday.. happy reading :)

  2. What a wonderful Saturday!That would be at the top of the list of things I would love to do.
    Well, maybe both days!
    Have a wonderful day.