Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today I decided that the house needed some attention, before I have to hire a fork lift to make a path through.
It is not that it needs to be actually cleaned, as in washing surfaces. It is more like I have to put things back where they belong. I remember when when I used to yell at my kids for this very thing.
But the problem with doing that is you never really finish a task, like I started in the dining room, and went to put something in the desk. The desk is a real mess so I stopped what I was doing in the dining room and cleaned out the desk.
Now when someone comes to visit, they are never going to see the inside of my now clean desk, they are going to see my messy dining room and wonder why it looks like it does.
While putting stuff in the pantry that had been vacationing on my kitchen counters, I resisted the urge to straighten the pantry....It was difficult...but I could spend a few hours there, taking everything out and neatly arranging it all back in...and again no one is going to see the inside of my pantry.
Our church has a rent a kid program, and I am so tempted....but then they would see the state my house is in, and that is what I am trying to avoid.
How can a house get so cluttered in such a short time...just leave one thing laying around and it is like it multiplies into a big mess.
Oh well there is only so much I can get done in a day....and my dining room is still a mess!

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  1. All of the homes that people 'live' in are a mess.. mine is too.. I guess only those designer houses they make only to photograph are the only ones that might not be getting messy...