Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well now it is the 19th.
I am done with everything except the Christmas dinner, which I can start on Christmas Eve, and the cleaning which I can also do on Christmas Eve. Especially if I want the house to look nice on Christmas.
So that gives me a few days to just do whatever I want...Not sure what that will be yet...but I am certainly not going to tell my friends or relatives of this abundance of free time....That will only lead to doing stuff for them, and will eat up my free time.
Now I am not being selfish here, just want to give myself a Christmas Present, and what better present than "free time"....
I wonder where I put all the Christmas movies? Will get a few books together that I have been wanting to read but never can find the time......and then there are friends I would just love to sit and chat with.......So many fun things to fill my free time...... And I can finally sleep late!

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