Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things seem to be falling into place this year, and I might actually have time to spare before Christmas Day arrives. Have all the presents wrapped, the cards out, the house is still a mess, but I always do the house last. No scense in wasting all that energy since I know I will have to do it again when the decorations are all up and the empty boxes are all put away till it is time to take them down again.
Today I have started the cookies, with luck I will finish them all by tonight, or at least by tomorrow night. That will give me 9 days to clean the house...ok, 1 day to clean the house, and 8 days to relax and enjoy everything.
Will get out the Christmas movies, grab a cup of tea, a comforter, and watch movies. Something I say I want to do each year, but always run out of time before that can happen.
Tonight after supper, we will be going out to look at lights, all those beautiful displays people set up.
Last year we only got to do that one night, ran out of time.....
Always that TIME issue. Where does it all go..
This year when everyone asked me what I want for Christmas, I will tell them FREE TIME!

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