Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here we are almost ready to start a new year. I still have a list of stuff to complete from this year...I know I will never have the time to do them all, so I just tore the list into little pieces and threw it in the garbage. If I have not had enough time during a whole year to get them done, it is best to just get rid of the list and start over with a new list.
Usually on New Year's Eve we do a project, like paint a room, put carpet down one year. This year I did not have a project in mind till yesterday.
We will be taking down the tree tonight! Something really out of the ordinary for me. I take the tree down usually a wee bit before Valentine's day.
But as has happened only one time before in the last 15 years, the tree has dried out in the month is has been up, and is now a fire hazzard and must come down. Even though it has "drank" almost a gallon of water a day..It is a 10 foot tree, but still that is a lot of water....
I could probably leave it up till next weekend, except the night before last, a house about 3 houses from ours, and across the street caught fire and burned. That made me think, the tree must go now!
I think I shall use the time I would normally use for a "project" to remove the dry tree from our livingroom.
The small 4 foot artificial tree that is in our sun room can stay up another week or so. and all the decorations that are not packed away in the attic, can stay up too.
Then I will start my to do list for 2010.

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  1. Wish I could be there to Help you make a Mess! ~smile~ We could get needles all over the place- Humm ??? Needles ! that is cute that we have the other "needles " in common too! LOL

    I truly wish that this could be the greatest year so far. I do know that my year is better for meeting you!

    So, lead the charge my friend - into this New Year ahead of us and let us enjoy our blessings.