Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is another of the pictures painted by a dear friend. Who today is getting on a plane and moving across the county. Now we will only be able to chat on the phone and write letters.. She is not a computer person and does not have one... She has lots of free time...........

When I look out over my garden I would like to see something like this starting to pop out of the ground, but there is still some remaining snow on the ground, and where there is not snow, there is mud...

Snow was easier to clean off the floor, mud is not my favorite thing about spring, nor is the idea that one day I could wake up to a foot of snow again. Spring in the midwest is an iffy thing, it can be warming up nicely and then all of a sudden it snows.

I have managed to find a bit more time in my life, I have stayed off the computer....and thus have gotten a few things done that were on my to do list. I am by no means half way through the list, and the bad thing is that as the list starts to shrink, I find more things to add.

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  1. Sorry your friend has taken wings and flown away, but you will carry her in your heart.

    Her painting is beautiful! A quote that stuck in my head from high school: A thing of beauty is a joy forever.