Friday, March 26, 2010

Another morning I am getting a late start....It seems like half the day is already gone when I do that. But I just had to finish the book I was reading and did not get to bed till almost 3am!
Plus of course all our nice warm weather went away again, and I just wanted to stay in bed till it returned.
Since it is so chilly out again, I will just have to stay inside all day and sew!
I have so many things I want to finish...But of course I will have to choose which ones actually get done as I do not have enough time to get to them all.
Will just start at the top of the pile, stay off the computer and the phone and work on getting something done..............................


  1. I understand how you feel - perfectly.
    May we have some good luck and be able to finish some projects -that will make us happy and by the time we get finished -maybe our pretty weather will come floating in!

  2. I really like your checkbook covers! Very nice!