Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is Here!

Almost a month, since I last was here...seems like time is flying again and I am not getting all that much stuff done. I need to sit down and make myself a list of all the stuff I have gotten done. Because after it is finished, I feel like I have not gotten that much stuff done.

I have gotten a lot of yard work done, and the garden is planted, still have to mow the lawn but it had been a bit windy lately.
All that junk blowing in the air from the trees etc. is something I really do not need.
Still waiting for the sides for the screen house to arrive, the last screen house was almost 3 years old and after sitting in the sun had rotted to the point of just ripping out. So on to plan two. Have a couple E-Z UP shelters, and discovered I can order screen sides for them. So that will be our newer sturdier screen house, as soon as the sides get here
Today I want to finish the laundry, and sort the stuff in the garage, and straighten up this house it is getting to be such a mess!
The weather is not all that bad, it gets into the 100's durning the day, but I have been inside working most of the time. We do not have air conditioning, but fans work well too.
Today I seem to just be flittering from one thing to another, so does not seem like a lot is getting done, and it is not really. Put my morning coffee in the refridgerator, I think I would rather have ice coffee today, and that stuff was really hot!

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