Monday, May 21, 2012

Where has the time gone, seems like I just posted. I think spring is finally here, at least I hope it is here to stay..Seems like this year the weather is just like last day it is really HOT, and then we get a storm, it then gets cool for a couple days, then warms up again, and then storms again.
I don't mind the rain, we need it for the lawns, but the storms I do not need, and I would like it to be warm more than just one or two days in a row.
 Tomorrow is cleaning day again, need to see my house out from under all this clutter. Where does the clutter all come from, seems like I just got rid of it all, and here is more of it!
The junk mail is no help, I can get the mail out of the mail box and just dump it in the wastebasket...all junk mail. Maybe I should just get rid of the mailbox and substitute a wastebasket. I would like to put a sign on my mail box that says "no junk mail please".

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