Friday, September 3, 2010

Still raking up those pine needles, got 5 big buckets of needles and ? altogether! I had the electric company leave me an 18 inch high stump when they cut down the tree.
Have plans for that eventually. The neighbors are still guessing what we are up to. Their corners have all been sodded by the city, only ours still looks like this.........................


  1. What a neat story and I loved the pictures. You were right about saving money taking the tree down Up here they can easily cost a thousand dollars! It boggles my mind.

    I love what you are doing with the spot. You mentioned your stump. You could put one of your tubs on top and put a pretty flower -maybe the rose moss -so many options ? Wouldn't have to be a flower. My sister-in-law was on vacation and they stopped at a place that had chain saw carved figures. She ended up getting two small bears and from a distance they look totally real -just small - you could put something like that on the stump or maybe you have something stuck away in hidden corners of the house? Or maybe since you guys are wood workers - you could make some bird houses . One of our neighbors made birdhouses and arranged them like a village .It was so cute with the store and the church , ect.
    Shame it was not a little taller - you could put a birdbath on top?

  2. ooh! so may ideas in the earlier comment!!
    I jsut love the rock garden you're setting up here..

    Sharing the before and after photos plus the work-in-progress pictures was real neat!

    Can't wait to see the Hostas and the phlox to bloom inthe rock garden.... but I'm still curious whether you're planning to place something on the stump or just leave it there to compliment the rock garden....