Thursday, August 11, 2016

Still working on using up more of my fabric

I have branched into making tote bags, and catheter bags, which is using up some more of those boxes of fabric I have.
Have also found a craft mall to take the stuff I do not have room to display at the farmers markets and craft shows I do.
So that will help with downsizing my inventory...I want to make some new stuff but have to have room to display it.
This laptop is not as friendly as my old one, or maybe I was just more used to it...can not find stuff I want most of the time...Oh, it is there, it is just that I am not all that sure where "there" is on this computer. I need to make notes for myself...would save lots of time when I am trying to do something.
The other problem is I am probably not on the computer enough, sometimes I do not turn it on for a week or two.
I have too much to do, to be on a computer...they are a huge waste of time....the more time I am on the computer the less of the stuff I need to get done, actually get done.

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  1. I busted 25 yards of excess Christmas fabrics making chemo caps