Monday, February 15, 2016

Time to sew

Now that the sewing room is workable, thought I would get started on the Christmas sewing. No time like the present, and I have a bit of time. I will get the projects done, and find a box and mark it Christmas and just put everything in there till it is time to wrap need to wrap it now. But I will put a note on each item as to whom it is for.
Will also put purchased items in the box too. Everything will be in one place and hopefully I will done with Christmas by late August. That is my plan and it should work out just fine.
As I get more ideas for gifts I will just make them right away an add them to the box, if I end up with too much for Christmas, there are always birthdays to think of.
I will throw my list in the box as list is made up of things people have told me they would like to have...and things they have mentioned in passing. I write everything down on a page with their name on it..Asking for Christmas lists is nuts, no one can ever come up with anything on the spare of the moment.
I also keep a list in my sewing room of the things I would like to have, and when asked at Christmas I just read them the list, but I do say that I have read the list to everyone who asked , so they will have to talk among themselves to see who is following the list and who is not. Keeps everyone in touch with everyone else...


  1. Are you sure I did not write this post?????? We must be twins - separated at birth??? ~smile~