Sunday, July 5, 2015

The right size.....................

Gone are the days of just grabbing something off the shelf in your size and leaving the store. Now each item has to be tried on.
I took 3 pairs of jeans in the fitting room, all the same size, made by the same company, but different colors. 1 out of the 3 fit me. One was so big I could have invited a friend in and the other I could not even get zipped.
What happened to consistancy?
For that matter what happened to sizing?  Now it is not a matter of, oh that is my size and I like the color, I will just grab it while  I am shopping and add it to my wardrobe.
Today I found the perfect top to wear with a pair of my jeans to a party...Well maybe perfect is  not the right word... I am not really sure what the right word is...
The good points are: I like the color, it is just what I was looking for, and it is the right length that I like. But that is where it ends...
Now you may ask what is wrong with it that sound like it is nice.
Well it would be if I did not have to take in the shoulder seams because the neckline is huge! and it has a bit of a funny shape.. it fits fine under the arms, but from there it sort of widens out like a I have to sew in the sides. And when I got it home and layed it flat, one side is wider than the other. Apparently whomever cut it out had a problem centering it, or it slipped while it was being cut.
Now I usually buy a size or 2 bigger than I need, because I have learned that the first time it is washed it will be at least one size smaller.
 Some shirts continue to shrink each time you wash them..
I also noticed when I got it home and took a good look at the hem that whom ever did the sewing could not stitch a straight line...
I really must make time to make my own clothes again...At least that way they will fit me.


  1. LOL - and I BET you still have not made you one single garment. lol Yea, I know - it's that "life-thing" ~smiling~

  2. I have made me about half a closet full so far....