Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sill here, still cold

Well Christmas has come and gone, the snow is still here as is the cold. I am so tired of the cold, and the snow and ice for that matter. Though I have gotten a lot done since December, got all the Christmas decoration down. Well still have the cards I recieved up. Some of them have letters in that I want to answer yet, so left them up to remind me. Put everything else away. Got out the snowmen and they are sitting around the house. They will be up till probably the first day of spring. Unless it get nice before then...
I have managed to get a lot of cleaning done, I am warmer if I just keep moving. Have a few more rooms to finish. Have gotten craft/sewing stuff done. Am working on projects that have been on my mind to do for a long time but I just never seem to get to.
This is going to be the year to get most of them done, or just forget about them altogether. One or the other.

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