Sunday, July 13, 2014

twists and turns

Ever notice how life seems to take some really interesting twists and turns?
 Like I had so many different plans for this year, than what actually took place so far..
.Made a good start on decluttering the house, and decided on a rummage sale to get rid of the stuff, and bring a bit more money into the kitty...priced all the stuff, put it all on tables in the garage just in case it rained.
The day after I put the add in the paper I got a notice in the mail that they were tearing up our street. They were starting on the first day of my rummage... So much for that! Still did it, cause it was in the paper....
Well still have 90% of the stuff, so have to add that on to my list of fall things to do, or save it till next spring.....Then the plan was to get so much more stuff done in this house, like completly redo a room....hurt my back, so that plan went out the window.
.Half the year is gone, I wonder what the other half will bring???
Plus this has been the far... of wind and rain....
Oh well I guess it could be worse.................................

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