Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Pie Wins

As I have mentioned on  my other blog...I have spent a ton of time trying to get back into my blogs. I had the right email and password...well sort of the right password... I just did not write it down correctly..I must have had it in my head that I needed the shift key for a few of the keys I was using, BUT when I wrote it down I did not write it that way.
You know how you think you did something one way, and then find out you didn't? That sort of thing.
So now that I have solved this hurdle, the only thing I have left to do is get all my stuff done before my internet get shut off while they re-do the wires. They said it should be done in a couple hours. Then I need to get it set up... I could let the techs do it and pay big bucks, or I could get my son to do it and bake him a pie...I think the pie wins!
Even though it is past Thanksgiving, I will be making a pumpkin pie, his favorite...

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