Monday, March 18, 2013

Where is Spring?

Well the temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up, so I guess it is a good night to make soup. I have the broth all thawed out, and there are a bunch of vegetables in the fridge that I have to do something with soon, so I will get out the slo-cooker and start cutting them all up. The soup can cook while I sleep, and in the morning it should be pretty much finished as far as everything being done. But soup is so much better after it has cooked for 24 hours. So I will just let it cook all day too. Then either make a loaf of french bread or go to the store and buy one and have nice home made soup for supper tomorrow night.
  Still want to do some cleaning before I go to bed. The house is a tad messy been crafting in the livingroom all day, and the cat did his part by dragging scraps all over the house.

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