Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Flowers

Even though the weather is yucky, cold and little blue flowers are blooming. The whole side of our yard is covered in them. Even if the sun is not shining the lawn looks springy. Plus the occasional dandelion adds more color. I like color in the lawn I don't care what is blooming to provide it..even the dandelions. Of course we can not mow the lawn till the flowers are done blooming.

I am thinking that at the rate they are spreading, the whole lawn should be covered with these flowers by next year. Of course there are also blue violets blooming in parts of the lawn as well.

Lot's of nice color. My tulips are starting to shed their blooms, probably has been to cold for them. The phlox are in full bloom.....funny thing last year they were all purple, this year some of them have turned pink...have no idea why. Some of the pink ones are right next to the original purple ones. I hope they don't all turn pink. I liked them better as purple.

My new, well planted last fall, lilac bushes are having little clusters of flowers on them. It was fun to see what color they would be. Bought them at the end of the season, and some of them no longer had tags saying what color they would bloom.

The rock garden is in full bloom, so much so that it is getting hard to see the rocks. I need more rocks.

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