Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gee, it seems like just yesterday the trees were in beautiful color, where did the time go. Soon, less than a month away it will be Christmas.
All those shoppers out there, trying to find all the bargains and all the decorations going up, and the menus being planned out.
But even though all those things are happening, all the parties, and time together with friend's and relatives are being planned. How many people are really focused on the real meaning of Christmas. It is not the food, or the decorations, or the shopping for just the right gift or the times spent together, It is the celebration of Jesus Birth!

Do you take time out from your celebrating to sit down and read the story of Jesus birth?
Start a new tradition this the story.
Not sure where it is.........
You will find it in the book of Luke. Luke 2:

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