Saturday, October 29, 2011

I bought this fabric, because it just screamed FALL. Then I could not bring myself to cut it up into pieces for a quilt or wall hanging, so I make placemats out of it. I kept the fabric in one piece so I could enjoy all the beautiful color, and just made simple placemats.
Then I decided that my tea pot needed a cozy, and since I mainly drink hot tea in the fall and winter, the fabric was just right for that as well. I made the cozy using 3 layers of fabric, the fall fabric, a layer of Insul-bright, and a layer of pre- quilted fabric for the lining.
Works great! My tea stays hot a long time in my ceramic tea pot.
I also made some gingerbread potholders, but those have not been turned and finished yet. I wanted to get this fall leaf set done and in my kitchen. Took about 40 minutes to make the 2 placemats and the tea cozy...nice fun project.

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  1. Great idea for fabric you hate to cut. I have some fabrics I don't want to cut either! Maybe will borrow what you did :)