Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Humid and Stormy

Well I waited a long time but summer has finally got here. Now the temperatures are well into the 90's and have even reached 100. I love the heat, but don't like the storms that seems to be going along with all this nice warm weather.
I was so cold last winter that I told myself that no matter how hot it got this summer I was not going to complain...it is easier to get cool than to get warm, and it is hard to sew with mittens on in the winter.

1 comment:

  1. LOL - I think you and I must have been "separated at birth" LOL Because I had the VERY Same experiences! LOL

    But you seem to get cheated because you had to wait a lot longer than I did to get warm! I keep trying to hold onto the seconds that have this "warmth" that I love! LOL

    But, I too like you am not enjoying the storms lately. I used to LOVE storms because they seemed to have a certain "Excitement" in the air and make you feel energized. But after the tornado that sat down about 5 miles down the road - now I am not as pleased to hear of a storm. This morning we had a "nice " one and it just had thunder and I enjoyed that one - along with the plants !