Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Never give up on a dream, dreams can come true!

Never give up on a dream no matter how slim the odds of success are. Dreams can come true!
I have spent almost 50 years searching for my birth Mom and against all odds, I managed to find her, and she was still sharp as a tack at 87 years old.
I got 1 year, 9 months and 25 days to get to know her, we only exchanged letters until October of 2010, when she called me and I finally heard my Mom's voice. It was a miracle!
After she consented to let me call her, we had long chats and got to know each other.
We discovered that we both loved ice cream, and we both loved to read mysteries.
We both liked Christmas trees that went to the ceiling, though she liked to put garland on hers and I liked to put tinsel on mine.
We both liked Ketchup on fries, and mayo on fish.
Like me she could not just sit in front of the TV and had to be doing something, she liked to crochet and knit, and I like to sew.
She doesn't like fishing, and it is one of my passions. Neither of us can swim.
She does not like to sit on the lawn, because of all the crawly things that can be there. I don't mind sitting on the grass.
She told me she had 7 children.
And today I met them!
I wished it had been under different circumstances.
Today I went to my Mom's funeral.
I would have loved to have the opportunity to meet my Mom while she was still alive, but that was not meant to be.
I discovered she has a wonderful family, and today they welcomed me in to it!
I have lost my Mom, but I have gained brothers and sisters...Something I have never had.
I can't wait to get to know them all.......

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  1. Yes,my dear friend - with a little faith we can work miracles. I am so glad that one of those happened for you. I bet you will find that you all have so much in common.