Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gee, here it is March already. Seems like it was just the beginning of the new year, I have so much to finish, and time just seems to be slipping away. I am learning a new skill, making free standing lace on the embroidery machine. It is being taught on a yahoo group I am on. Very much fun and very interesting. The "class" will last the whole month of March. I have started to look for patterns to use in the class.
I think my embroidery machine and I are becoming friends.

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  1. Aaaahhhh you stinker! I realized when I hit the reply button about the bear who it was! So, I hopped over here to see what kind of mischief you were getting into and I am soooo impressed! Shame on you for not telling me about the class you are taking on the FSL! : )