Sunday, December 19, 2010

I decided I needed to buy myself a Christmas present this year.....and since I know what it is, no need to wrap it and wait for Christmas to play with it.
I have bought it several accessories, I did not want it to be lonely. I have about 7 cartridges for it so far, and some extra cutting mats, and blades.
Then of course I need paper so I have something to play with. The week between Christmas and New Year's I plan to play with my new toy.
I have played some already, as I made name tags for all the Christmas presents with it so far.


  1. Where did you find a black Cricut?

  2. I got the black cricut create at Wal-Mart. I could have gotten the Cricut Expression for the same price at Menard's the day after Thanksgiving, but did not really want that model.

  3. Oh, honey, now you have to get the Make The Cut software so you never have to buy another cartridge! It is wonderful and with all your talents, you can design whatever your imagination allows you to, use whatever fonts are on your computer and cut it all out right on your brand new Cricut! I am not affiliated with the company just a very happy Cricut user! You will love your Cricut even more!

  4. So... where are the lable pictures? I've only seen teh cricut on the internet and buying it over eBay means just a ridiculous amount of shipping sharges... So you've got to please show us some pictures with the lables and stuff you made with your new toy!... Please...