Friday, February 5, 2010

This is where I would really rather be, if given the chance...But there are still months to go before the cold and snow and ice and gloom make way for the warm sunny days, and time to sit and watch the sunrise.
I am not sure which I like better the sunrises or the sunsets.
I love to take a cup of coffee and drop into a lawn chair just before dawn and watch the sun creeping up over the horizon, spilling it's summer gold over the water. The sparkling diamonds of color spreading out over the calm water as the fog and mist lift...Just so beautiful, too beautiful for words.
So I will hurry and get all my projects done, so when the summer arrives I will be ready for it..ready to sit and take it all in and enjoy all it's splendor. While time just seems to stand still....


  1. How beautiful your thoughts are! Wish I could sit there with you and just take it all in. Sometimes Just "being" is a "Gift".

  2. Such beautiful words...